Different Ways to Earn From Your Website

I was in the thought that how can I utilize my website apart from just promoting my products online. I have heard about a lot that people promote goods online and sell them too and this was exactly what I was looking for. But then one of my friends told me that if I could think a bit out-of-the-box, there were so many other options that were available with which I can earn profit. My SEO reseller program informed me that my website was a major source of income for me if I could utilize it properly. How? This is what he told me all about
Search engine Optimization

All that is required is that my website should follow the rules of search engine Optimization. With proper research and good content I could easily handle the traffic to my website and they would also help me in promoting my website. Above all this is actually almost a no-investment advertising strategy and good content and proper steps can help in generating revenue.

Google AdSense

With the help of Google AdSense, your sites link with rest of the web world. On your website, different banner ads of related websites are providing. Any reader who comes to your site will get information from your website and will get some more from the ads. In this process, your site will earn goodwill. The story doesn’t ends here as you would get paid for the number of hits on the ad by any of your visitors. Hence both you and the advertiser are in Win-Win situation.

Google Ad Words

Another reason for increased page hits for many of the websites is Google Ad words. Although there are certain investment involved in it but the returns here are high. Google takes the responsibility of publicizing your site on all the relevant web pages and if someone, by any chance visits another web page, there are much more chances that they would visit your site.


Although an effective method of promoting the website especially of any small business, this method is often neglected. Whenever you are sending the official email for any purpose just make sure that it has your website mentioned on it as signature. This way you can be sure that whenever people see your mail there are high chances that they would visit your website too. And once they like it they would refer others also about it.

Ways SEO Can Help To Grow the Business

It is a known fact that the buzz word for any web business on the internet is Search engine Optimization or SEO. And when I started my online business I also started learning about the various aspects of Search Engine Optimization. I began to know the importance of SEO for web presence and also growth in my web business. Even, I started understanding its prominence when I found that many businesses which were already established begin their online presence. And this was done by them for keeping their customers intact who were otherwise getting allured to the online businesses. The reason behind customers preferring online business is that they can complete their shopping or purchase their necessity from the ease of their home only. So, like the big shots I too decided that I would concentrate on online methods for expanding my business.

The reasons that online businesses are growing can be summarized as follows


With the easy accessibility of technology today, numerous buyers are becoming computer savvy with no less than one workstation with Internet connection that empowers them to skim for their favored data, items and services online as opposed to visiting the brick and-mortar shops while by facing the traffic and the adversities of climate.
Thus, with more organizations on the Internet through their sites, purchasers are appreciating a more affable mode of procurement. As there is an advance in the technology, more and more people are becoming acquired by the online business.

And the owners of the online business are trying to get white label SEO from good concerns which can assure them a good position on the web page search engine ranks and thus, I too decided to utilize the present technology which can make my online presence prominent.


It is now that with days going by, as technology is developing so is the Professional SEO designers who are providing SEO services to their clients. They manipulate the different SEO tools which help them in enhancing their skills and in return they serve customers like me and others with better prospect for my website. With their local search engine approaches different sites get different marketing approaches thereby witnessing an increase in their rank.

Even it is found that a simple manipulation of the street address have also influenced the SEO ranking results and hence, it is necessary that the specific business locations are managed well, especially when there are web amps available like Google map or Yahoo! maps.

One more thing that I found to be important and having a good impact on my services is that going for local SEO, as My business was not spread worldwide and then I was ready to cater to my local people only, local SEO helped me a lot to gain my advantage and let the people belonging to my place know about my product. Good SEO reseller programs that I hired not only managed the different SEO needs but also looked after that my website was edited on regular basis so that my local consumers could get proper descriptions about my concern.

Even when business is done online, there are actually no business hours. I could do business anytime anywhere.


Thus, present generations mainly depend upon online business and for making our website attractive to them foremost requirement is that they should be available on the first few sites of the Search engine results. And thus, these SEO features and services come handy to be managed professionally by any SEO expert.

My business too gained quick fame and I learned how to establish a good online business. Proper SEO helps in proper branding of the website.

A Log Book of a New Business Person

Hi Diary, sorry I have not been telling you about my experiences since last few days. Today after I got over the different problems I was in in the last few days I decided to sit and write out what was that which kept me away from you in the last few days and why I was so busy.

You know as I had told you earlier that I was opening a small online garment selling business. For that I had to search for different suppliers, talk with the logistic people and then hire a storage capacity to keep my stock and develop a website which would let people know about me and the products that I usually sell.

The problem started

I started my business by launching the website. Before it dear diary I had taken every step so that the moments I get order I can dispatch the dresses at the addresses. My storage capacity was also good enough for storing the stock I had invested in. But after few days everything seemed to be in vain. I had no orders and even there were no traffic to my website. I even searched at Google with the appropriate keyword, (do you know what keyword is? It is the word with which the search engine searches results for anything.), but my website was nowhere on the first few search pages and I was astonished to see there were so many other people who were doing business on the same line that I was doing. So the problem started….

Search for solution also started

Although I was shocked with the results but seeing other companies doing same kind of business on the front page of the SERP (search engine result pages) reminded me that there must be something that they knew and I didn’t. So I started searching for that something. Obviously on the web only. Then I came to know about SEO and the SEO services that are provided by different companies for uplifting the rank of some websites.

You know dear diary with the help of proper SEO services my competitors were already there on the top and the SEO expert promised me that he would surely help me out to get to that situation. So started my SEO campaign.

Techniques of SEO

Different techniques which were told to me by the SEO service provider were not only useful but also helped me increasing my website traffic. I was told about different methods like Link building, Brand creation and others which would increase my web page ranking.

They also let me know that with the help of social Media Marketing I can always get to the masses more and have my products known to people. Advertising on Social media like Facebook, Twitter and others not only increased my visitors but also enhanced my web page rankings.

Thus dear diary, past few days I was very much busy in sorting out the things but yes now its normal. However, I must say goodbye to you and go to work again as I have to arrange for shipping the new order list. Bye!